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Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia

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· Ph.D., University of Connecticut;   Storrs




Members of the Lincoln, Douglass & Washington Society:


It is time for conservatives of every ethnic group to come together and work to fulfill the core mission of the people of our communities. African Americans and other ethnics have not been power players in the political arena. It is time for ethnics to become actively involved in the political process and become empowered through education and economic development. The primary goal of Lincoln, Douglass & Washington Society is to educate, recruit, nurture and mentor new members.


For decades our parents and associates have invested their futures in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party started out as the pro-slavery party in America. Even today, I would argue, it still holds that title as evidenced by their total control of every inner-city communities of African Americans, Hispanic and the poor disadvantaged members of society.  High crime, dismal public schools and inadequate infrastructure are the hallmarks of the Democratic Party. As with African Americans and Hispanics, women too have been reduced to 'things' by the Democratic Party. They claim they want women too be independent and strong but really want women to be dependent on government as the center of their life rather than family and even their own talents.


Why would 80% of  African Americans vote Democratic when it was the Democratic Party that violently supported the enslavement of Blacks, started the Ku Klux Klan, and created segregation throughout the South? If it were not for the Republican Party women would not have the right to vote. The Democratic Party felt women were inferior. Republicans have a great history in civil rights, women's rights, economic freedom, fighting evil around the world and family values. As concerned citizens our outreach to the community to share our principles is an important step in increasing ethnic participation in politics. The principles we hold encourage ethnics to make a better tomorrow for our children so they can live the dream today.


The goal of the Lincoln, Douglass & Washington Society is to reach out to all segments of the community and share the conservative principles we all hold. This is the organization that you've been waiting for to come into existence. For those Democrats who realize that the Democratic Party neither shares your values nor has done anything for our communities but talk, I encourage you do your "homework". A John F. Kennedy or Franklin D. Roosevelt Democrat means that you are a Conservative! I am a solid conservative but I started out as a liberal Democrat. For those like-minded independents, I encourage you to make a decision to become a member of the Lincoln, Douglass & Washington Society today. You can only change things from inside the "house" sitting at the table not on the outside complaining.


Please join us today.  Like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass and others together we too can change the world.


Join now!

Lois S. Williams,PhD

Chair woman

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